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23rd June 2013

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What Equestria Girls means for the Elements of Harmony

So if you’ve been frequenting the MLP Analysis subreddit you’ll be familiar with the discussion of what exactly the elements of harmony are. Now it is commonly accepted, from what I’ve read mind you, that the elements are the items which when together create/channel/dole out the magic of friendship. Now the whole point is that they need each other, that they are a connected set of objects that do not work when separated. That’s basically the whole plot of the movie. However, towards the end, as Sunset Shimmer prepares to off Twilight, we get a shot of the girls huddling together, whether out of fear or to protect Twilight is up to debate. What then happens is that they are protected from the blast, saved by the magic of friendship. Twilight goes on to explain that friendship exists everywhere and that it’s magic is the strongest kind. We see that each of the girls then is assigned their respective elements and they use this to defeat Sunset. However, the girls do not physically possess the elements, the necklaces nor the tiara/crown, but nonetheless use the magic of friendship.

What this means is that the elements are in truth not really necessary. They may be simply a way to represent each element and to mark who each of the possessors is. What I believe is that the magic of friendship predates the elements, it had to have existed prior to their creation. This is why the humane 6 can rainbow blast Sunset Shimmer without physically possessing them. The elements were most likely created to help guide, focus, and/or channel each respective element, making the process easier as a whole. This casts an interesting light on why the mane 6 are referred to as THE elements of harmony, as opposed to the wielders of the elements of harmony, which is sometimes used by the fandom. This implies that the mane 6 are the physical embodiments of the elements and can use them with or without the physical element they wield. The elements of harmony, as previously stated, merely serve as a focusing device to channel the magic of friendship. It would be really interesting to get a future episode that explained the origins of the elements, as I said they cannot be naturally occurring objects. It is very obvious that the elements were ponymade, but for what reason. They may even, and I find it very likely that they do, predate Celestia. It is made very clear by this scene that the Magic of Friendship can be harnessed without them, and that the Elements of Harmony are most likely internal rather than physical objects. So I wonder what the physical elements were created for and alongside that by who they were created. That’s my headcanon theory at least. Let me know what you think, and I’ll be analyzing and reviewing the movie as a whole tomorrow when I see it in an actual theatre.

(Edit: I wrote the review already but for the sake of it not being lost under other posts I’ll wait til morning to post.)

(Edit: Turns out I was completely wrong)

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